Joey Primiani

Founder & CEO

Joey Primiani is an award-winning and acclaimed product designer, entrepreneur, creative director, responsible for well-known cultural flashpoints including Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" super-fan social network and boundary-pushing consumer products. He founded and sold 2x companies, one to Yahoo! when he was 21-years old.

Joey has held top design roles at Google, Yahoo!, Intuit, Mint and several high-profile Silicon Valley startups. He has imagined visual collaborations with creative director Nicola Formichetti on his digital art collections and Web3 fashion technology initiatives.

His work has been featured in Wired Magazine, Forbes, TechCrunch, FastCompany Design and many other publications. Joey is also the creator of Superfuture, a design agency and Folio, a community for artists, to empower creatives to showcase their work, network and get hired.

PATENTS US 8869068 B2 - Content sharing application utilizing radial menus

“I imagine what the ideal future looks like, and build what is missing today. I create the world I would want to live in."