Anthony Shannon

Anthony William Shannon is a serial technology entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. He has over 12 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, innovation and impact - from startups to large scale organizations. He thinks outside the box when it comes to technology and has a passion for starting & incubating high-growth technology ventures with potential for impact. He has a passion for solving worldwide problems and regularly works with top industry professionals at the intersection of talent technology, impact & innovation.

He has co-founded MUVE and built a team of expert technologists, designers and builders around the venture, which is set to revolutionize accessible transportation & community engagement, for people living with accessibility needs by providing top tier, universally designed technology solutions to governments.  

He also has extensive venture building experience in Music & Entertainment, including holdings in TuneStars, SIGUI and SodoMoodLab, in collaboration with Wyclef Jean amongst other industry leaders.

"Being good is more important than being great. By being good, doing good and surrounding ourselves with good people - the likelihood of achieving greatness and happiness is greatly enhanced."